The Cambodian Typewriter

“Adler” Cambodian Keyboard Typewriter designed by Mr. Keng Vansak,
Derek Tonkin “Modern Cambodian Writing, 1962”, page 48


The idea to look for a Typewriter with Khmer script came to me when I found the book by Derek Tonkin “Modern Cambodian Writing, 1962” It is one of the best learning source for the Khmer language. Unfortunately it is hard to find on the market here in Cambodia. Continue reading

Welcome to OnKhmerType!

Welcome សូស្វាគមន៍ Welcome to my blog about Typography in Cambodia,, អំពីវិធីរៀបអក្សរបោះពុម្ពខ្មែរ1. As a Graphic Designer from Germany living in Phnom Penh I would like to start a discussion about everything related to Khmer lettering and type. Hopefully it may be interesting for Non-Cambodians to learn more about the beautiful Khmer script as well as for Cambodians to look at the topic from my point of view. I am still collecting everything related to the topic. I started to take photos of noteworthy type regardless of its quality and soon I will add a gallery extending over time. I hope to get many comments from you. Please be invited.